About OACP

Who We Are

The OACP is group of professionals committed to helping families move through the divorce process in a peaceful and respectful way.

Our Mission

The OACP promotes collaborative practices to help solve the problems of families in distress.

Our values

  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Client-based decision making
  • Fairness
  • Long-term focus
  • Well-being of children in families

Our Strategy

  • Through rigorous training and constant professionalism we will upgrade the quality of the services collaborative practice offers our clients.
  • Through the quality of our work, we will enhance the reputation of our field and increase the number of professionals using collaborative practices in Oregon.
  • And through community education, we will inform the public about collaborative practice, its benefits, and how to find collaborative professionals.

OACP Board


  • President: Kathleen Zumpano
  • Vice President: Joanna Posey
  • Secretary: Randall Poff
  • Treasurer: Tom Johnson


  • Tonya Alexander
  • Patricia Arjun
  • Dona Cullen
  • Denise Dodson
  • Bill Fussell
  • Lee Hamilton
  • Tom Johnson
  • Myah Kehoe
  • Angela Laidlaw
  • Collin McKean
  • Jim O'Connor
  • Randall Poff
  • Joanna Posey
  • Lauren Walchli
  • Kathleen Zumpano